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  Kelly Lauber
Welcome to PrettiestPets.com!  My name is Kelly Lauber.  I am the owner of "Yorkies By Kelly", where I hand-raise regular and unique-colored Yorshire Terriers and place them in good homes locally and across the USA.  During the process of raising all of my puppies with love and care "under foot", I found myself searching for nice dresses and outfits to put them in to take nice pictures of them for my website YorkiesByKelly.com

I was unhappy with the general quality of pet clothes available at affordable prices, and the high-end attire was just too expensive.   My solution was to begin making my own, and I quickly developed a passion for doing so.  I found it to be a relaxing side-hobby that allowed my to take my mind off my work for brief periods of time.  When other people saw my designs, they all told me that I should sell them to the public because they were so beautiful.  All of my designs are carefully created by me, and I have some friends helping me with the fabrication and other chores related to PrettiestPets.com so that I can still spend the proper time with my little Yorkies!

My goal is to provide high-quality pet attire at an affordable price, and also provide outstanding customer service along the way.  I hope you enjoy my designs and look forward to seeing pictures of your pets in them!  Please email your images to customerpics@yorkiesbykelly.com.

PrettiestPets.com is a subsidiary of YorkiesByKelly.com

Thanks for taking the time to visit Pretties Pets.  I look forward to serving you as a valued, long-term customer!

Kelly Lauber

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